HMS Communications Program.
This Program allows data transfer between a PC and HMS
controllers. The program and hardware allows communication
with up to 99 controllers. The controller's settings,
acquired data, alarm status may be viewed, logged and
changed from the PC. All acquired data may be graphed
and can also be displayed in real time. A database of
logged data is created. It can be managed, in that data
can be selectively deleted by specifying start and end
dates. A separate log is created for all alarm events.
The day's alarm events can be printed or displayed, or
start and end dates may be specified. Logged data may
be exported and imported into a spread sheet program.
The logging, polling intervals and baud rate can be set

Controller Communications Option.
Supplied as standard or retrofitted to existing

Retrofitting Communications Option.
Only HMS series TC8, TC9 and TC12 controllers are
supported. These controllers are identified by their blue
face plates. TC8 and TC9 units are modified to support
standard baud rates. All units are fitted with an optically
isolated RS485 interface, and revised firmware.

Connection to PC.
An optically isolated RS232 to RS485 interface box is
required to connect the PC to the controllers.

RS485 Cable Requirements.
Screened, twisted pair. Maximum length - 1000m

Minimum PC requirements
Operating System: MS Windows 98, 2000 or XP
350Mhz Pentium Processor
128Mb RAM. 256Mb for XP
500Mb free hard drive space
A spare serial port