Microprocessor based Microcontrollers

Poultry Industry
  * Climate control for Broiler, Rearing and Laying houses.
    Control of temperature, humidity and minimum ventilation.
    Feed, water and light regimes.
  * Incubation- various types of industry standard chambers.
    e.g. Tunnel, Pas-Reform, Bekoto and Jamesway.
    Control of temperature, humidity, damper vents, egg turning,
    counting, speed control and monitoring of fans, etc.

Refrigeration / Air Conditioning
    * High temperature alarm monitoring and defrost cycle control.
   * Water chiller controller.
   * Humidity controller.

   * Sophisticated 32 station irrigation timer.

   * Dissolved Oxygen Utilisation Rate meter.
    The OUR meter is used primarily for monitoring effluent
    water for control of flow rates in sewage plants.
    This unit is made under licence for the University of Cape Town.
  * Dissolved Oxygen meter.

Flower Industry
   * Rooting Controller. Hot House Flowers. Rooting of seedlings.
    Three areas are managed.
    1. Lighting. Three banks of lights.
     Timer cycles
     Over and under current Alarms
     Counting of cycles
    2. Temperature & Humidity measurement of the Air.
     Temperature control of the Water.
     Temperature control of the Soil.
     High and Low temperature alarms for Air, Water and Soil.
    3. Irrigation Control. Eight outputs. Selective enabling.
  * Hot House Lighting Controller. As above without irrigation.

Wine Industry
   * Wine Stability measurement.
   Used to determine readiness of wine for bottling.

Fishing Industry
   * Various Grading Indicators for the Rock Lobster industry.
  * Measurement and Control of oxygen levels in water for the
   Abalone industry.