Short Message System - "Texting"

HMS Controller SMS Option.
This option allows HMS controllers to be
interfaced to a standard GSM module.
This facilitates the reporting of controller
alarm conditions via SMS. The
"Site" and "Controller" are identified
i.e. "Farm 02, House 06". Up to six alarm
conditions can be included in an SMS.
A standard SMS has a maximum size
of 160 characters. An SMS is generated ONLY
when the alarm status changes. This means
that an SMS is only created per new alarm
condition. The SMS can be sent to one or
two recipients.

Controller SMS Option.
Supplied as standard or retrofitted to
existing TC12 controllers.

Retrofitting SMS Option.
Only HMS series TC12 controllers are
supported at present. These are controllers
that have been manufactured in the last 5
years. An RS232 interface and revised
firmware must be fitted to the controller.
If the "Power Failure" option is required,
the GSM module and Controller are
powered from an external DC battery.
This would usually be 12 volt lead acid
battery used for the Alarm System.